Thrustmaster T128 XBOX/PC (4460184)

Thrustmaster T128 X (4460184) Force Feedback, the racing wheel and the pedal set,Xbox One, series X, PC (4460136), Force Feedback, engine speed LEDs, T-MP magnetic paddle shifters, T2PM magnetic pedal set, compatible with both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One
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TH0319 / 4460184
24 months

Optimized Force Feedback system with a lightweight wheel rim, to experience your first racing thrills
Modern, versatile wheel rim design, featuring engine speed LEDs
Precise T-MP magnetic paddle shifters for clear activation feel
Frictionless T2PM magnetic pedal set for enhanced precision and no mechanical wear
1 month subscription included with all T128 Xbox version

  • Force Feedback powered by hybrid gear belt technology
  • 25,5cm plastic wheel
  • 270 to 900 rotation
  • 13 buttons + D Pad
  • Row of Leds displaying engine speed level
  • Magnetic paddles
  • 2 pedals magnetic pedal set
  • Plastic

Versatility and velocity

Modern wheel rim design featuring 13 buttons: perfect for all types of racing simulation
Lightweight wheel rim, taking advantage of all the Force Feedback system’s power

Experience your first racing thrills
Dynamic Force Feedback: renders fun, intuitive racing sensations (the road or track's surface feel, loss of tire grip, bumps and impacts, the vehicle’s weight) in different types of vehicle-oriented games (F1, GT, rally, trucks, farming)
270° to 900° rotation: automatically adjusts according to the vehicle being used in the game
Hybrid mechanism: next-generation belt-pulley and gears system, with optical reading of the wheel’s position for smooth, seamless power

Engine speed LEDs

A row of LEDs with four different colors, displaying the engine speed level*
* List of compatible games available on the Thrustmaster technical support website upon product launch, and updated regularly.

Clamping system
The included clamping system is compatible with all types of desks and tables

T-MP (Thrustmaster Magnetic Paddles)
2 magnetic paddle shifters combining incredibly precise position measurement (thanks to H.E.A.R.T technology) with super-clear, spring-style activation feel

T2PM included
2-pedal pedal set featuring frictionless H.E.A.R.T magnetic sensors with no potentiometers, for enhanced precision that won’t decrease over time

Built-in USB-C port allows for firmware updates

Extensive compatibility
Compatible with both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One
Compatible with PC (Windows® 10, 11)

T128 racing wheel
T2PM pedal set
48-watt power supply + power cable
Clamping system and screw
USB cable
Quick install guide and warranty information
1 month subscription included with all T128 Xbox version

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