32GB USB 2.0 ToughMAX Drive Verbatim

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VE1257 / 49331
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The Verbatim ToughMAX USB 2.0 Drive is made with KyronMAX™compounds, a metal replacement thermoplastic material which is able to withstand seriously punishing conditions and has been used in the most demanding of applications from fighter jets to mountain bikes. KyronMAX™ compounds are extremely light and tough, making it a wonderful USB enclosure material that will resist virtually everything and keep your data safe from any physical damage.

KyronMAX™ compounds are manufactured by Piper Plastics which, like Verbatim, is a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical. This incredible material has been adopted by many industries including aerospace, medical, industrial and automotive, and has a tensile strength to weight ratio that is higher than steel.

In creating the ToughMAX USB Drive enclosed in KryonMAX™ structural compounds, it can withstand:
• Crush forces up to 2,250kg*
• Water immersion to 30m depth*
• Extreme temperatures from -25°C to 150°C*
*Based on 3rd party testing by SGS. Actual performance may vary.

Made with KyronMAX™ compounds,
Extremely tough and light, keeping your data safe from physical damage,
It can withstand;
Crush forces up to 2,250 kg*,
Water immersion to 30m depth*,
Extreme temperatures from -25°C to 150 °C,
Technical Hotline Support,
2 Year Limited Warranty.
USB 2.0 host port
Windows 10, 8, 7 or higher
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
Product Weight: 7 grams
Product Dimensions: 46mm x 20mm x 9mm (L x W x H)
Data Retention: 10 Years
Power Source: USB Bus (no batteries required)
Interface: USB 2.0 
Format: FAT32

Pack Contents:
ToughMAX USB 2.0 Drive
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