iFixit Repair Business Toolkit, 15 Precision Screwdrivers

iFixit Repair Business Toolkit, a versatile professional tool set suitable for small repairs of electronics and other devices, you can find everything in one place in a padded and clear bag.
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iFixit Repair Business Toolkit, a versatile professional tool set suitable for small repairs of electronics and other devices, you can find everything in one place in a padded and clear bag.

Our iFixit Repair Business Toolkit ultimate professional-level toolkit just got a refresh for 2023, featuring time-tested, high-quality tools specially curated alongside the latest and greatest in repair technology.
Stop digging through a toolbox, or fighting a floppy backpack—the Repair Business Toolkit (RBT)’s padded, easy-open, organized messenger bag puts the tool you need right at your fingertips.

Start your repair with the nifty opening tools and extensive bit collections of the Pro Tech Toolkit and Marlin Screwdriver Sets. The refined and enhanced RBT also includes iFixit’s new Anti-Clamp and FixMat, which make your repairs both easier and way more organized. Tackle extensive fixes and complex repairs with specialized items like Battery Blockers, Heavy-Duty Suction Cups, a Demagnetizer, and a Precision Utility Knife. Wrap up and clean up with cleaning tools like the Dust Blower, Anti-Static Brush, iFixit Screen Saver, and Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.

Whether you’re a professional or “just” an enthusiast, a repair tech for computers and cell phones, a tinkerer or maker, the Repair Business Toolkit brings you the most complete selection of tools you could ever wish for.

In the iFixit Repair Business Toolkit you will find, for example, standard or torx screwdrivers, a digital multimeter to measure the necessary quantities, various plastic cards for easy removal of the display, suction cups, an anti-static brush, a display cleaner and a microfibre cloth.
Also included is a special pen that you can use to label different parts of the instrument on the chart.
All this will make the final assembly of the device easier and faster.
  • The ultimate tool set for small electronics repairs
  • Ideal for repairing tablets and mobile phones
  • Quality workmanship and materials used
  • Magnetic organizing pad included
  • Everything is packed in a carry bag
In the improved set you will find, among other things:

Digital multimeter and other necessary tools
In the set, you will find countless tools without which you would not be able to repair small electronics.
In addition to standard or torx screwdrivers, the set includes, for example, a digital multimeter, with which you can measure the necessary quantities.
However, the iFixit Repair Business Toolkit offers much more.
In the accessories you will find various plastic cards for easy disassembly of the display, suction cups, antistatic brush, display cleaner or microfiber cloth.

The iFixit kit for the professional
Another gadget and an invaluable helper is a special magnetic organizational mat, on which you can, for example, lay out the disassembled device, while keeping all the small screws nicely in place.
You no longer have to worry about losing small parts.
A special pen is also included, with which you can describe various parts of the device on the table.
All this will subsequently facilitate and speed up the final assembly of the device.
Everything is stored in a practical bag, so you will always have the tools nicely together.


Number of tools: 35+ tools
Anti-static: Yes
Application: Universal
Number of screwdrivers: 15
Screwdriver Bits: Flat, Pentalobe, Phillips, Safety Torx, Torx, Three Point
Tools: Brush, Cleaning Cloth, Blower, Opening Mandrel, Plastic Card, Screwdriver, Spudger, Suction Cup, Knife ....

46 x 35 x 21 cm / 5.96 kg


Marlin Screwdriver Set - 15 Precision Screwdrivers
Digital Multimeter
Digital Caliper
Portable Anti-Static Mat
6x iFixit Opening Tool
2x Carbon Fiber Spudger
2x Halberd Spudger
6x iFixit Opening Picks
iFixit Battery Blocker
Plastic Cards
Pointed ESD Safe Tweezers
Nylon Tipped Tweezers
Heavy-Duty Suction Cups (Pair)
Anti-Static Brush
Dust Blower
Precision Utility Knife
Polyimide Tape
Tesa 61395 Tape - 2 mm Width
iFixit Screen Saver Device Cleaning Spray
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
iFixit Skill Badge
iFixit Lapel Pin
Magnetizer / Demagnetizer
Self-Repair Manifesto
 iFixit Messenger Bag
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