Next Level Racing HF8 Haptic Feedback Gaming Pad

Next Level Racing Haptic Feedback Gaming Pad - Go beyond the sounds in gaming, music, and movies.
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Next Level Racing Haptic Feedback Gaming Pad - Go beyond the sounds in gaming, music, and movies.

Introducing the Next Level Racing HF8- Haptic Feedback Gaming Pad.
Feel the sound through your body like never before! The Next Level Racing® HF8 eight localized motors have been designed and positioned to suit all genres of simulation. Suiting a wide range of users, the HF8 Gaming Pad’s tailored design allows a seamless placement on your sim racing seat, flight seat, or gaming chair for eight unique feedback points to be felt comfortably throughout your body.
Strap in for a tight fit with the added easy adjustable straps for a suited fit with your gaming chair or racing /flight seat.
Designed to heighten your experience for Racing, Flight, and FPS Gaming, you can now feel every road effect, turbulence, and explosion within the game for an even more immersive gaming experience than ever before. Take your esports training and competition to the next level by feeling every action in the moment. If you are already using haptic hardware like Buttkickers or Motion Platforms the HF8 compliments these by adding extra customizations to your experience.
Feel the immersive haptic experience with the eight strategically placed vibration zones that are powerful and localized for precision. The Next Level Racing® HF8 is optimized for different simulation games* for a unique in-game experience.
The HF8 suits all gaming chair, racing/flight seat styles, and bodies comfortably for the best user experience.
The HF8 includes plug-and-play PC software to provide you a multi-channel experience without the need of additional sound cards or amplifiers.

*Localization and intensity of each motor can only be adjusted through PC use and HFS software. Console players do not require the HFS software as the eight motors will work collectively through the audio output.

  • See it, play it, feel it with advanced haptic immersion at an affordable price
  • Eight individual vibration motors for a heightened level of haptic immersion
  • Enhanced experience on PC via Next Level Racing® HFS plug-and-play software using telemetry data
  • Works with gaming consoles using 3.5mm audio jack (headset/speakers required for playstation users)
  • Designed universally to fit all chair styles with comfort including gaming chairs, sim racing seats and flight seats
  • Advanced haptic for gaming but also adding immersion for VR, movies and music
  • Designed for sim racing, flight simulation and first-person shooter gaming

A seamless connection for a unique gaming experience. With a direct connection through USB for PC and a 3.5mm audio jack connection to console/audio devices, the HF8 ensures fast, low latency feedback through the eight localized haptic motors.
For console users the haptic feedback is felt through all eight haptic vibration zones simultaneously.
In-game telemetry data* for PC games and sound output for console games, provide an immersive experience for racing, First Person Shooter (FPS), and flight.

No hassle, just download and play the included Next Level Racing® Haptic Feedback Software. Designed and developed specifically for the HF8, you can interact with a growing list of racing and flight titles.
The Next Level Racing® HFS included PC software makes it seamless for users to enhance the experience with the HF8 Gaming Pad controlling each motor independently.
As one of many variations, you can have 4 motors controlling effects of tyres to feel rumble strips independently or have all 8 motors giving vibration for gear changes.
You can interact with ready to use haptic profiles or create your own for each gaming title, and even share your profile with the gaming community. 
Next Level Racing® will be continuously updating the HFS software with new gaming titles as they are released. If the title you are looking for is not listed in the HFS software, please contact us at to share your feedback.
* Please note that console players do not require the HFS software as the eight motors will work collectively through the audio output in games, music, or movies.

Feel it your way, for PC users.  The HF8 can be adjusted based on the desired haptic experience.
The HFS software uniquely controls the intensity of each haptic vibration motor within the software to ensure an unbroken immersive experience.
The HF8 Gaming Pad allows you to feel and fine tune your braking, acceleration, rev limiter, speed, engine rpm, ground effect, and suspension in racing games*.
While in flight you can control your haptic experience with effects such as flaps, G-force, speed air brakes, ground bumps, damages, stalls, and APU/JFS Running.
Each profile and effect intensity can be controlled based on your preference to feel what is immersive to you.

Feel the action, feel the beat! Connect to your audio device through the HF8 3.5mm audio jack and adjust the intensity of your haptic experience through the HF8 controller.
Feel the ultimate depth of haptic immersion of your favourite action movie by feeling every explosion, punch, and BANG!
Translate the low frequency of the audio output into a haptic experience that is felt through all eight haptic vibration motors simultaneously.


Supported max weight: 150 kg or 330 lbs
Construction: cold moulded foam, perforated PU Leather
Box dimension: 67cm (L) X 13cm (W) X 45cm (H) or 26.4inches (L) X 5.1inches (W) X 17.7inches (H)
Product dimensions: 44cm (L) X 6cm (W) X 113cm (H) or 17.3inches (L) X 2.4inches (W) X 44.5 inches (H)
Product weight: 2.6 kg or 5.7 lbs
Box weight: 3.3 kg or 7.3 lbs
Product SKU: NLR-G001


Next Level Racing® HF8 Haptic Gaming Pad
Power Adaptor
Power plug types I, G, C, A
Product Manual
Digital assembly instructions and assembly videos available here:

*cockpit & electronics not included
*gaming chair not included

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